Back to basics with our new Professional Construction Markers

When the team at TRACER originally etched our brand into the market back in 2018, we made a big impact with our Deep Hole Construction Marker range. Years of experience in the construction industry served as a solid foundation for the innovation which brought what are now our signature markers to life. While our team continues to innovate, drawing up plans and working with customers to fill gaps in the market, our latest products are quite literally taking us back to the drawing board.

TRACER Carpenters Pencil


The TRACER 4H Carpenters Pencil has the ability to mark clearly on wood, plastic, metal, and ceramic, this new pencil will be a trusted addition to any toolkit. As with our other markers, we understand that the key to precision marking is a finely sharpened pencil. So, much like our Deep Hole Construction Pencil, every TRACER Carpenter’s Pencil is sold with a perfectly sized sharpener as a companion piece.

TRACER Crayon Markers

For years, our marking range has consisted of construction pencils and marker pens. We are excited to expand that selection with the TRACER Crayon Construction Markers. Available in black, red, and yellow, our Crayon Markers are extremely versatile, being able to mark on concrete, brick, plastic, ceramic, wood, and glass. You can even mark surfaces that are either wet or dry. The red and yellow crayons are also perfect for high-visibility marking on darker surfaces.

We pride ourselves on providing simple and effective marking solutions for our customers, which is why we are pleased to now be delivering these staple construction products. 

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