Do you make these deep hole marking mistakes?

TRACER Deep Hole Marker

How many times have you gone to mark through a hole only to find your marking tool doesn’t fit? Suddenly your standard pen or pencil is impractical, and you’re left wondering how am I going to accurately mark through the hole? This is a common problem tradespeople face due to many marking tools not being fit for purpose for construction sites.

As a result, this has caused tradespeople to create their own unique (and somewhat strange) deep hole marking solutions. From the strange to the most complicated, we’ve shared some of these unique solutions. Plus, to stop you from making these same mistakes, we’ve shared the perfect tools that are ideal for all deep hole marking scenarios.

Do you make these deep hole marking mistakes?

  1. Mark pilot hole

Use a drill bit to drill a pilot hole and mark the surface at the same time.

  1. Toothpick

Dip the end of a toothpick into paint or lipstick. If at first the mark is too faint, dip the toothpick back into the paint or lipstick and continue until the mark is visibly clear.

  1. Nail polish

 Use nail polish to mark through the hole but ensure the nail polish has dried before drilling.

  1. Centre hole punch

Firmly press the end to mark onto the material and use a marker pen to mark the dent.

  1. Use a bolt

Find a bolt the same size and rotate it through the hole to score the material.

  1. Measure

Place the part you want to hang on the wall and draw a light pencil mark along the top of it on the wall. Measure down from the top of the part to the centre of the mount hole(s). Next, go to the line drawn on the wall and measure and mark that same distance down to mark your drill hole(s).

What is the easiest Deep hole mark solution? 

While these solutions can (eventually) lead to an accurate mark, there are by far easier and less time-consuming methods. Let’s face it, who wants to calculate where you should mark based on a range of measurements?

Therefore, we believe accurate measurements always start with quality tools. For this reason, TRACER have developed a range of professional construction markers, ideal for deep hole marking scenarios.

TRACER Deep Hole Pencil

The Deep Hole Pencil is a professional construction pencil that’s designed for the accuracy of marking holes. Whether you’re looking to mark on wood, metal, plastic or ceramics, this Deep Hole Pencil is the perfect multipurpose tool.

With the ability to mark 100mm depth in a 3mm hole and 145mm depth in a 6mm hole, deep hole marking has never been easier! Thanks for its 120mm retractable leads, the TRACER Deep Hole Pencil can mark through beams and joists with ease.

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TRACER Double Tipped Deep Hole Marker

The Double Tipped Deep Hole Marker is an alternative marking solution designed for accurate deep hole marking. Ideal for plumbers and electricians, the deep hole marker is perfect for marking on ceramics, plastic, wood and metal. With the ability to mark 50mm depth in a 5mm hole, the deep hole marker provides clear, accurate marks in any deep hole marking scenarios.

Plus, the deep hole marker includes a unique reversible double tipped nib to mark both thin and thick lines. This provides added convenience to mark thin and thick lines with one single pen, which is particularly useful when marking plans.

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Want to get your hands on a TRACER marker? Find your local stockist today!

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