How to mark over dusty surfaces without ruining your marker

TRACER Clog Free Marker

How many times has your work been interrupted by your marker pen drying out on a dusty surface? Marker pens are a must have for construction sites, but many aren’t fit for purpose in construction environments. Dust is inevitable on construction sites and it’s the main cause of markers drying out. This is why it’s essential for tradespeople to have professional trade quality tools unlike your standard stationary products that were only really designed for office environments. So, when faced with situations where marking on a dusty surface is required, disaster can strike very quickly if you haven’t properly cleaned the surface. But not anymore as TRACER have developed a construction marker that makes light work of a traditionally tricky situation. Introducing the TRACER Clog Free Construction Marker.

What is the TRACER Clog Free Marker?


The Clog Free Marker is the latest addition to the TRACER range. Specifically designed with construction workers in mind, the Clog Free Marker makes precise marking on dusty surfaces a dream on almost any surface. Including concrete, brick, timber, plastic and glass. For example, when you’re faced with a piece of timber, you would generally need to wipe down the thick layer of sawdust before you even think about making measurements, otherwise you’ll be faced with a dried out marker and nothing to mark with. However, our durable Clog Free Marker will effectively mark through any dusty surface without the need to wipe down the surface prior to marking, remaining in perfect condition to mark again and again.

Complete with a site holster, the Clog Free Markers provides added convenience. So, our marker is always to hand and ready to use. Available in black, blue and red, the TRACER Clog Free Marker is the perfect solution for marking on dusty surfaces.

Where can I buy a TRACER Clog Free Marker?


Our Clog Free Markers are rolling out on trade counters across the UK, so be sure to grab yours! Don’t forget to use our store locator to find your local TRACER stockist.

Check out our video below to learn more about the TRACER Clog Free Marker.

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