How to replace a Deep Hole Pencil lead

TRACER Replacement Leads

It seems obvious that you can’t cut or drill accurately unless you can mark accurately. A cut line that you can’t see on a dark surface is not helpful. Nor is using a carpenter’s pencil to deep hole mark where you need to drill. For this reason, TRACER have developed the Deep Hole Pencil, a convenient and reusable construction pencil that’s built specifically for construction sites.

With a click the Deep Hole Pencil dispenses new lead, allowing you to mark through beams and joists with ease. The only requirement is the need to change its retractable lead using the TRACER Replacement Lead set.

What are the Replacement Leads?


The replacement leads are a great addition for any tradesperson using the Deep Hole Pencil. This is because it allows you to get much more use from the Deep Hole Pencil without needing to repurchase once the lead has finished.

Included in the replacement lead set are six 120mm leads – 4 x 2B graphite leads for clear dark lines and 2 x yellow wax leads for darker surfaces. The leads allow you to mark on a wide range of materials, including, wood, plastic, ceramics and metal. Plus, the yellow wax leads allow for easy and accurate marks on most dark materials.

For example, when you need to cut a dark tile a standard carpenter’s pencil would be almost useless for marking. However, as our TRACER replacement leads are built for the convenience of tradespeople, our yellow wax leads will ensure you can continue to mark accurately even on the darkest of materials.

The replacement leads are easily removable thanks to its anti-snap lead dispenser. To ensure you don’t damage the leads or the pencil, knowing how to correctly replace the leads is essential

How do I replace the lead?


  1. Select the required lead

Twist the lead dispenser at the top of the holster until the hole is on top of the required lead.

  1. Remove the lead

Tilt the holster to remove the lead.

  1. Insert the lead into the Deep Hole Pencil

Push down on the green push button on the top of the pencil to expand the lead opening and insert the lead.

Check out our video below to learn more about the TRACER replacement leads. Click here to find your local stockist.

Video not loading? Click here to view. 

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7 thoughts on “How to replace a Deep Hole Pencil lead”

  1. Hi my holster clip snapped after one day. Toolstation are saying it’s my fault. Love the product but it’s not much good without the holster.

  2. Vincent Walker

    The lead seems to be stuck in my pencil. I can’t put a full length golf between lead in but nothing comes out when I press the green button. I don’t have Facebook

  3. Pencil retracting on its own in scabbard sometimes not extracting when being pushed is it normal if so will go back to old school pencil

    1. Dylon Bennett

      Hi Andy, we are sorry to hear that. Please message us on Facebook and will try and resolve this issue for you – Dylon

  4. Hi
    Just received my tracer pencil but the lead won’t come out,
    Pressing the green button but the lead seems to be stuck!
    Any ideas?

    1. Dylon Bennett

      Hi Steve, I am sorry to hear that and we will help solve your problem. If you could please message us on Facebook our team can assist in resolving this for you. Please click the chat icon on this page. – Dylon

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