Repackaging for the Future

Regular TRACER users may have noticed that the last couple of months have seen some changes to the way we package our products. Our latest releases, the TRACER Carpenters Pencil, Crayon Markers and TRACER ProContour gauges all debuted in cardboard packaging, a break from the usual cardboard and plastic blister packs. This is not an isolated change, our existing products have also seen similar developments with the packaging transitioning to fully cardboard packaging.

Our blister packs have served us well, they are a tried and effective method of packaging products. However, over the last several years following TRACER’s introduction to the market, the team at TRACER has become increasingly aware of the effect our operations have on the wider environment. In 2021, we kick-started our Zero100 Initiative, a drive to eliminate all single-use plastic from our supply chain. We are conscious that many pieces of plastic waste, even those that are recyclable, do not end up being recycled. Instead, our packaging adds to the mounting amount of waste that is not biodegradable and pollutes our environment with microplastics. That is why our new packaging, made purely from cardboard is 100% recyclable and is fully biodegradable lessening the impact it has on the environment.

This vital overhaul to our packaging has been a costly operation and has required tremendous effort from each of our departments working in tandem. We are constantly trying to be at the forefront of innovation and change in the industry, this is why our plans do not stop at just our packaging. We are making many changes to the way we bring TRACER to our customers.

We hope that this change will encourage other market leaders to implement similar changes. In order to find out where you can pick up your own supply of TRACER Products, please visit our store locator page. Alternatively, if you are a prospective stockist interested in selling TRACER Products, contact us now!

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