The TRACER Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Tradespeople

TRACER Clog Free Markers
The petrol stations are flooded with roses, the supermarkets are overfilled with chocolates and the supermarket “dine in for two” adverts are back. In case these signs weren’t obvious enough, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So, if you want to send some last-minute hints to your missus or show some extra love to your mate, we’ve lined up the must-have TRACER gifts for tradespeople this Valentine’s Day.

TRACER Marking Kit

TRACER Marking Kit

TRACER have combined their three most popular marking products into one marking kit to provide you with a fantastic value set. Included in this kit is the Deep Hole Pencil, the Double Tipped Marker and Replacement lead set.

Deep Hole Pencil

The Deep Hole Pencil is a professional construction pencil designed for the purpose of marking through holes. whether you are looking to mark on wood, metal, plastic or ceramics, this Deep Hole Pencil is the perfect multi-purpose tool. Deep hole marking has never been easier with the ability to mark 100mm depth in a 3mm hole and 145mm depth in a 6mm hole. Thanks to its 120mm retractable leads, this pencil can mark through beams and joists with ease.

Double Tipped Marker

The Double Tipped Marker is a professional marking solution designed for accurate deep hole marks. Ideal for plumbers and electricians, the marker is perfect for marking on ceramics, plastic, metal and wood. With the ability to mark 50mm depth in a 5mm hole, the marker provides clear and accurate marks in any deep hole marking scenario.

Replacement Leads

The replacement leads are a great addition for the Deep Hole Pencil. This is because it allows you to get much more use from the Deep Hole Pencil without needing to repurchase once the lead has finished. The replacement leads include six 120mm leads – 4 x 2B graphite leads for clear dark lines and 2 x yellow wax leads for darker surfaces.

Clog Free Marker

TRACER Clog Free Markers

The Clog Free Marker is the latest marking solution to the range and was designed with construction workers in mind. The Clog Free Marker is ideal for precise marking on almost any surface, including concrete, brick, timber, plastic and even dusty and shiny surfaces. So, when you’re faced with a situation where marking on a dusty concrete floor is required, this marker will effectively mark through any dust without the need to clean the surface prior to marking. And best of all, the marker will remain in perfect condition to mark again and again! The Clog Free Marker is available in a pack of three containing black, blue and red, the three most popular colours for tradespeople.

Tape Measure


Fact: You can never have too many tape measures and you certainly want to add this one to your collection! The TRACER tape measure is a high quality 5m tape measure. Complete with an auto-lock feature and magnetic hook, this tape measure is perfect to use alongside the wider TRACER range.

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