TRACER introduce two new innovations to their range

Pro Scribe – Over 15 Uses

Professional construction marker brand ‘TRACER’ presents the latest revolutionary products to their range. 

Designed specifically for the construction industry, TRACER have developed award-winning products to offer the perfect mark for all trade professionals. Now, TRACER have developed innovative measuring and marking accessories to ensure they continue providing the best marking solutions for tradespeople.

The latest TRACER products consist of two accessories including the ProSquare for roofers and the ProScribe tool for all trade professionals.

The ProSquare is the fastest and simplest tool for marking out com, jack, hip and valley cuts. Cutting in a roof notoriously requires some of the most complex angles and calculations to ensure the perfect pitch every time. The ProSquare removes all the guess work, by turning these complex calculations into an easy-to-read scale, coupled with a lockable adjustable arm, making it simpler, easier and faster for roofers to make the correct cut every time. The ProSquare is available in two sizes, 7” and 12”, with the larger size having the added benefit of a pre-set parallel marking guide as well.

In addition, the next newest measuring and marking accessory is the TRACER ProScribe. Ideal for joiners, carpenters and kitchen and flooring fitters, this tool is a compact marking accessory which complements the TRACER Deep Hole Pencil. With over 15 uses, including parallel marking, profile scribing, compass and much more, this tool is the most user-friendly and versatile scribe tool on the market. The ProScribe is available as a boxed kit or in a handy carry case that includes the TRACER Deep Hole Pencil and leads.

Both products are currently rolling out in builder merchants now across the UK, so be sure to grab yours! Click here to find your local stockist.

Learn more about the TRACER range. 

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