TRACER debuts a brand new measuring tool

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TRACER is always looking to expand its portfolio of award-winning marking products for professional tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts hoping to bolster their toolkits. Therefore, TRACER has kicked off the year strong, bringing a brand new measuring tool to the table that any tradesperson would want in their arsenal.

The TRACER ProMitre Angle tool hit tool store shelves back in the early months of 2022 and made quite an impact, proving to be a must have measuring tool for those working with beams, pipes, and other awkward workpieces. Equipped with several rulers, angle scales, and drill gauges, this multipurpose instrument is perfect for large projects and allows a user to adapt to dynamic situations with its wide array of features. The TRACER ProMitre, when paired with the rest of the TRACER range, is just another step toward satisfying the marking and measuring needs of the construction world.

ProMitre Tool marking line on wood

The TRACER ProMitre Angle tool is available for sale across the UK, please see our list of builder merchants to see where you can pick yours up.

Learn more about the TRACER range. 

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