Why you need a Deep Hole Pencil

Deep Hole Pencil

How many times have you gone to mark through a hole only to find your pencil doesn’t fit? Suddenly your standard pencil is impractical and you’re left wondering how am I going to accurately mark through the hole? Surprisingly, this is a common problem tradespeople face.

Today, tradespeople are currently using marking tools that aren’t fit for purpose for construction sites. Whether it’s a carpenter’s pencil or a standard office pencil. Although these are great at marking for cuts and trims, they have their limitations. Especially when you’re faced with deep hole marking scenarios (marking through a joist for example – we’ve all been there!). However, TRACER have developed a range of professional marking products for tradespeople that solve all your deep hole marking challenges. In particular, the ‘Deep Hole Pencil’.

Why do I need a Deep Hole Pencil?

We believe that accurate measurements always start with quality built-for-purpose tools. For this reason, we’ve developed the Deep Hole Pencil. This is a professional construction pencil that’s designed for the accuracy of marking holes. Whether you’re looking to mark on wood, plastic, ceramics or metal, the Deep Hole Pencil is the perfect multipurpose tool.

Deep hole marking has never been easier with its ability to mark 100mm depth in a 3mm hole and 145mm depth in a 6mm hole with ease. For example, if you’re fitting a piece of timber up against a plasterboard wall and you wanted to make a mark through the timber, your carpenter’s pencil would be impractical for this job. However, thanks to its 120mm retractable leads, the TRACER Pencil can make this mark with ease.

As pencils can easily be misplaced on site, we’ve designed the product for the convenience of tradespeople. With a shirt/trouser clip and a site holster, your pencil is always to hand and ready to use. Along with an inbuilt sharpener for maximum precision.

So, there’s no need to struggle sharpening your pencil with a utility knife and risk making poor quality marks.

The Deep Hole Pencil is ideal for carpenters, joiners, kitchen fitters and DIY enthusiasts alike. Once you’ve discovered a Deep Hole Pencil, you’ll soon realise you can’t live without one!

Are the leads replaceable?

Of course! We’ve designed replacement leads specifically for the Deep Hole Pencil. This contains 4 x 2B graphite leads for clear dark lines and 2 x yellow wax leads for darker surfaces. So, when you need to mark on a dark tile there’s no need to reach for a different marking tool. Simply replace the 2B graphite lead with the yellow wax lead to achieve your visible, accurate mark.

The replacement leads are stored in a new anti-snap lead dispenser to provide maximum protection on site. Along with a site holster to ensure they’re always to hand at your convenience.

Where can I buy a Deep Hole Pencil?

The Deep Hole Pencils are rolling out on trade counters across the UK. Be sure to grab yours! To find your local TRACER stockist, click here to use our store locator.

Check out our video below to learn more about the Deep Hole Pencil.

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