Does the Clog Free Marker really live up to its name?

TRACER Clog Free Marker

How many times have you gone to mark a measurement only to find your marker clogged up with up with dust? Even when you’ve wiped the surface clean and dust has still managed to find its way onto your marker. Dust is inevitable on construction sites and it’s the main cause of markers drying out too quickly. So, it comes as no surprise that marking in a dusty environment can cause havoc to your markers. Particularly if you haven’t properly cleaned the surface. But fear not as TRACER have developed the Clog Free Marker specifically for the use on dusty surfaces.

What is the TRACER Clog Free Marker?


The Clog Free Marker is one of the latest additions to the TRACER range which was designed with construction workers in mind. The Clog Free Marker is ideal for precise marking on almost any surface, including concrete, brick, timber, plastic, and even shiny and dusty surfaces. So, when you’re faced with a situation where marking on a dusty concrete floor is required, this marker will effectively mark through any dust without the need to clean the surface prior to marking. And best of all, the marker will remain in perfect condition to mark again and again!

TRACER Clog Free Marker

Complete with a site holster, the Clog Free Marker can easily be placed in your shirt or trouser pocket for easy accessibility. Available in black, blue and red, this marker is the perfect solution for marking on dusty surfaces.

How long does the Clog Free Marker last for?

With all that in mind, you may be wondering does the Clog Free Marker live up to its name. For this reason, we put the marker to the test to reveal its impressive lifespan. We tested the marker on dry, dusty HardieBacker board, a surface that could very easily dry up your standard marker. Find out the results in the video below.

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