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Last month, the TRACER Team was in San Anatario, Texas for the 47th Annual STAFDA Convention and Trade Event. STAFDA is a company that represents the best and brightest businesses within the construction and industrial supply chain. We were excited to be featured alongside some of the biggest brands in the US construction market and this provided us an excellent opportunity to showcase what the team has to offer.

In the UK and Europe, TRACER has made a name for itself by being a quality provider of professional marking and measuring products for the construction industry. The STAFDA convention was an excellent chance to showcase why that is to a range of trade professionals who were not yet familiar with TRACER. We received some excellent feedback from attendees who spoke one on one with our team at the show. For any business trying to make waves in a new market, this kind of contact with consumers is invaluable as each region offers comes with different requirements and unique insights.

The team delivered talks on what makes TRACER different from other markers in the industry and how much of a difference TRACER can make to each individual toolkit on the job site. They broke down the benefits of each product and gave demonstrations for the TRACER ProScribe, showing off its many different modes and explaining the different applications on how the tool can be made the most of.

Thanks to all those who could attend the event and made a great event even better. It was excellent meeting you in person. The entire TRACER Team looks forward to meeting you all again in the future at other fantastic events!

Below are some images of our team on stand at the event.

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